Community & networking

  • What is the Community page? How do I participate in the community?
    The community is a shared space to engage with others during and after the conference. There are a number of things that you can do. You can use the space to share something about yourself and have a general discussion; find others with similar interests.

    Add your comment to the box 'start a topic' and search the discussion board using the 'search' button. You can contribute freely. You can subscribe to the discussion board to receive any notifications when others post messages or posts a reply to your question.

  • How does matchmaking work?
    Each attendee filled out their interests when registering.

    Under My Dashboard, you can view other attendees with similar interests under the matchmaking tab. Attendees with the most similar interest will be at the top of the list. View their profiles, request virtual business cards (vCards), and set up 1 to 1 video meetings.

  • How do I set up/schedule a meeting with another attendee?
    To set up a video meeting you must view an attendee's profile and select Schedule a meeting. That attendee must have selected their availability during the conference for you to select a time to meet.

    In order to allow others to make video meetings with you at the conference, you need to select times you are available to meet under My Dashboard > Vcards & Meetings > My Availability. Once you have selected these times, other attendees can send you meeting requests based on your availability.

  • In messages, I cannot find the person I search for. What can I do?
    This means that the person's Messages setting does NOT enable chat with all attendees, and you cannot contact them using Messages.

    Go to menu item 'Attendees', find the person you are looking for, click on their name, and Request vCard. If they accept your request, you can set up a meeting with them, and can now contact them using 'Messages' if their setting enables chat with connected attendees.

    If you do not see the Request vCard button, this means that the person's public profile is disabled and they do not wish to be contacted via Dryfta.

    If the person is a speaker, one final option would be to find their session, and send them a question or message in their session's Q&A space.

  • Are my communications on Dryfta private?
    Your contributions to Dryfta are only accessible to registered delegates if you made your profile public.

    1-1 chats under Messages cannot be viewed by the organisers, video chats under Messages are not recorded, and no one in the organising team has access to them.

  • How do I release my meeting availability for others to book 1-1 meetings with me?
    Click on the vCards & Meetings tab. Add a time slot as per your availability for the meetings. Other attendees can request for a meeting on your available time slots.
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