We are honored to host Elin Fabre, Carlo Ratti, Sasha Stolp, Paul Chatterton, Victor Neequaye Kotey and Paul Behrens as our keynote speakers. Each of these speakers will kick off a day with a keynote appropriate to the day's theme, to start the day in an inspiring way, full of energy and ideas.

Elin Andersdotter Fabre

Elin is managing the Her City initiative at UN-Habitat's (United Nations Human Settlements Programme) Global Public Space Programme. She previously worked as the Sustainable cities program director at the Swedish independent think tank for Global Utmaning. She has been active in advocacy work for setting up the 2030 Agenda, the New Urban Agenda and other sustainable urban development policies. She has extensive experience from a range of development issues - democracy, human rights, gender equality and security from the UN, government offices and civil society. She has a master's degree in political science from Stockholm University and international relations from Sciences Po Paris and King's College London.

Carlo Ratti

As a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the director of MIT Senseable City lab, Carlo Ratti is a renowned architect, inventor, engineer, educator, and urban activist. He will be sharing his insights into 'Amazing discoveries in cities'. 

Sacha Stolp

Sacha Stolp is the Director of Innovation for the Future Proof Assets Program at the City of Amsterdam. In her role, she is entrusted with preparing the city for the consequences of climate change, energy transition, and raw material transition. Her journey of reinventing the city for a sustainable future is an ongoing adventure, marked by optimism, trust, and cooperation. Advocating for learning from nature, technology, and each other, Stolp believes in the collective effort to build resilient and sustainable cities.

Paul Behrens

Paul Behrens is an author and Associate Professor at Leiden University. His research and writing on climate, energy, and food, has appeared in various scientific journals and media outlets. In addition, his popular science book, The Best of Times, The Worst of Times: Futures from the Frontiers of Climate Science (Indigo Press, 2021) describes humanity's current trajectory and possible futures in paired chapters of pessimism and hope. Paul and his team won International Champion in the 2023 Frontiers Planet Prize.

Victor Neequaye Kotey

Victor Neequaye Kotey is the Deputy Director of the Waste Management Department of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly. He is a water and sanitation expert who has been working in the waste management sector for almost two decades. He is also the City of Accra's lead in waste sector climate action implementation.

Victor's career objective is to contribute his expertise in climate change adaptation and mitigation and developing a sustainable solid waste management system for Ghana and the West African Sub region.

Paul Chatterton

Paul Chatteron is Professor of Urban Futures at the University of Leeds. He is committed to teaching, researching and acting on the climate, ecological and social emergencies. Over the last 20 years he has teamed up with activists and campaigners to: stop fossil fuel use, transform derelict buildings, set up housing cooperatives development trusts and community research companies, support climate camps and self managed social centres, take non violent direct action, campaign for migrant rights and against military arms sales, and promote cycling and walking. At the AMS Conference he will focus on how WE are the City and how WE can and need to contribute to Reinventing the City into a safe and sustainable place for all.

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