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Your dashboard, profile and account

How can I set up my profile?

When you log in to Dryfta, you will be automatically taken to your profile page. To access your profile, you need to click your name at the top right of the screen (or from the sidebar menu if you are using Dryfta on a smaller screen, and click update profile). This will take you to setup your profile. 

What does 'display your profile to visitors' mean on My Dashboard? 

Visitors are the registered "Reinventing the City - 2024" conference delegates. Only delegates have access to your public profile. You can choose not to display your profile to visitors on your Dashboard. If you do this, other delegates will NOT be able to send you a connection (vCard) request.

How do I enable the public profile option?

Navigate to the top right of the screen, where you can see your username. In the drop-down menu, choose 'update profile'. This will take you to a screen where you can customise your profile and settings - to enable your profile to be public for other attendees of the conference, please ensure that the 'Display your profile to visitors?' check is set to 'yes'. You can change this setting at any point.

How can I customise my profile, including with a photo?

Your profile can be customised, scrolling down you can set your contact details at this point.

You can set your profile image which will be visible to all attendees throughout the conference. For best results, use a square image with a good quality - if you are unsure how to crop your image, use we suggest using a third party editor such as Online Resize Image.

Where can I change my password?

The login page on Dryfta has an option for resetting your password. Click on the forgot your password link to receive all the instructions.

I forgot my password, what should I do?

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it on the login page. If you have forgotten the email address you used at proposal submission, contact us at



Messaging and Community

How do I organise 1-1 chats or video calls with other attendees?

Click on Messages (top right of your screen). You will see the list of people you can contact (delegates who have accepted you vCard Requests and delegates who enabled all attendees to chat with them). If you don't see the name of the person you want to contact, find them under the navigation menu 'Attendees' and request their vCard.

How do I chat and set up a meeting with others?

If you want to chat with others, there is a 1-1 private text and video chat facility through the 'Messages' menu item at the top-right of your screen. If you wish to set up a meeting with an attendee, click on their profile and choose 'setup a 

meeting'. You can then a time slot and sending meeting requests (VCards & Meetings link).

What is a vCard?

vCards are Virtual Business Cards which attendees can share with each other. When you accept a vCard request, the information on your profile is sent to others (including your email address).

How do I request a vCard?

Using the Attendee List, search for the person from whom you want to request a vCard and click on their profile to open up the interaction window. If they have enabled the 'public profile' option, then there will be a button to request a vCard. If there is not option to request a vCard, then the 'public profile' option has not been enabled by that attendee.

Who are connected attendees?

When you accept a vCard request, your profile information is sent (including your email address). All delegates can contact you via the Messaging window on Dryfta. They will not be sent your profile information. Please notice that if someone sends multiple messages during the day, the receiver is only notified once for the first message every hour.

What is the 'rooms' menu item? How do I participate in the 'rooms'?

Rooms is a shared space to engage with others part of "Reinventing the City - 2021"2021. There are a number of things that you can do. You can use the space to share something about yourself and have a general discussion. Add your comment to the box 'start a topic' and search the discussion board using the 'search' button. You can contribute freely. You will not receive any notifications when others post messages or posts a reply to your question. 

How do I set up meeting slot availability?

To release meeting slots which can be booked by other attendees, navigate to your profile and choose 'vCards and Meetings'. Below, there will be a tab called 'My Availability'- click this and a calendar will appear.  This will enable a button called  'add a meeting slot', which you can select to enter times and dates you will be available for others to book 1-1 chats with you.

There are no available meeting slots for an attendee I wish to speak with?

The attendee may already have reached their availability limit for slots during "Reinventing the City - 2021", or may have not yet setup their meeting availability. In this case, you can try reaching out to them via the message functionality at the top right of the screen.

Are my communications on Dryfta private?

Your contributions to Dryfta are only accessible to registered delegates. 1-1 chats under Messages cannot be viewed by the organisers at Newcastle University. 1-1 video chats under Messages are not recorded, and no one has access to them.

What are the conference platforms?

We are using a conference platform called Dryfta and Zoom. All pre-recorded sessions (presentations and posters) will be available on the Sessions page. All live sessions will take place on Zoom. The links for these sessions will be available on the Programme page. Everything you need is within the conference platform. 

The Programme

What are the features of each session under the programme?

All related information about a session is under the menu item 'Programme'. Search the programme to locate the session you are interested in. Session details include the abstract, any related video, poster, or additional files, and presenter details. All sessions (live and pre-recorded) have asynchronous 'chat' and 'Q&A' sections. 

How do I add sessions to my personal conference programme/schedule?

To create a customised schedule or programme, click on the 'Add to my Schedule' button and see these sessions listed under My Dashboard, My Schedule tab

How can I search the programme for a specific session?

You can access the programme using the menu item 'Sessions' and search for a specific session ('search session by name'). You can also search by presenter.

Can I print the programme?

To print a PDF version of the programme, go to the 'Sessions' page and select Print icon above the programme. The programme is also within the downloadable book of abstracts that will be available on the website. 

Will sessions be recorded?

During "Reinventing the City - 2024", live sessions are not planned to be recorded. However, Dryfta features a messaging system and we encourage getting in touch with speakers directly to discuss their presentations. Posters and pre-recorded sessions can be found in their associated Q&A Forums.

Where are the pre-recorded sessions for today?

You will find all the pre-recorded session content and live session details on Dryfta, under the Q&A Forum sessions. You can access the programme by selecting 'For Attendees' using the menu item 'Sessions' and navigating to the Q&A Forum of your choice.

I sometimes do not see the sessions of the programme, what do I do?

If this happens, please click on a different day, and click back on the day you want to see the sessions. Please email us at if the problem continues

How do I engage with prerecorded sessions?

All pre-recorded sessions will be available in advance and they are accessible anytime until xxxx. We recommend that you set aside time each day to engage with pre-recorded sessions . We have suggested times in your programme for this, but recognise delegates will want to do this at times to suit them, and depending on location across the globe. Please engage with the pre-recorded sessions BEFORE attending the live Q& A forums. In that way you will get the most from these forums. You can also then access recordings of other sessions that are of interest to you and correspond with the presenters if you have questions. 

How do I engage with presenters of prerecorded sessions?

Prior to the Live Q&A sessions, you can use the Q&A function on each session page in the programme to ask questions directly to authors. All questions and answers will be made visible to other registered attendees. There may be a delay between your question/comment and presenters' responses due to time zone differences and flexible working arrangements.

I am a presenter, how do I know if someone has left a message on my session?

You will receive an email notification when other attendees post a message to ask you a question in your session space. Please respond to your audience throughout the conference.

Will the presenters respond to my questions after the conference ends?

Presenters will respond to your comments and questions (chat and Q&A) during the conference. Do not expect them to respond after the conference ends.

How do I find when a specific prerecorded session's live Q&A forum is?

You can find them in the programme. The Session Chair will moderate the questions from the audience. Please note that these sessions are NOT presentations. They are for collegial questions and comments, and a space to meet with the speakers. Please engage with all the relevant presentation content before these live Q&A sessions.

How and when do I join the live sessions via Zoom?

You can join using a web browser or using the Zoom app. Please see the minimum system requirements information

The Zoom links will be shared on the relevant information page for each session (see the Programme) and open a few minutes before the session starts. Sessions will begin and end at the stated session times sharp. Log in (2-5) minutes before the session start time to secure your connection. We will be using the waiting room function. 


Contacting us

How do I get help?

There are two ways to ask for help. There will be a person to respond to your queries between 8am and 6pm. Please send screenshots about the issue where relevant.

1. Use Dryfta 'Messages' function, which you will see at the bottom right corner of your screen. On the 'Search attendees' box, search for the attendee '"Reinventing the City - 2024" Help'. You can then type your query on the chat box.

2. Email us your query at

Conference Etiquette

We want everyone to enjoy and to be able to participate in the conference. To facilitate this, we expect all participants at "Reinventing the City - 2024" to abide by the following at all conference sessions:

  • Your microphone will be muted as you enter a session; please remain muted during presentations, and unmute yourself if you wish to ask questions
  • Exercise consideration and respect in your speech and actions;
  • Refrain from demeaning, discriminatory, or harassing behaviour and speech;
  • Be mindful of your surroundings and of your fellow participants. Alert if you have any concerns even if they seem inconsequential


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